Spring 2020

Proteins and Nucleic Acids Lab

Fall 2019

Organic Chemistry I

CHE 325 Mo/We/Fr 9:30 AM – 10:25 AM

Spring 2019

Proteins and Nucleic Acids Lab

CHE 477/677 BCM 477/677 Mo 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM, We 12: 45PM – 4:45 PM

Life Science Building 207

Fall 2018

Modern Macromolecular Chemistry

CHE 600 – M003, MWF 9:30-10:25 AM, Life Science Building 156

 “… it must be clearly realized that the physical and chemical properties of high molecular weight substances depend upon the structure and the size of their macromolecules…”

Herman Staudinger (1936)

This interactive course is designed to answer these central questions:

  • What are macromolecules (polymers)?
  • How are they synthesized and characterized?
  • How can we control their properties at the molecular level?

Each week, we will navigate through the scientific literature to find an answer to these questions. We begin our journey by visiting the glorious shrines of classic polymerization techniques, such as coordination polymerization of olefins and controlled radical polymerization, while spending most of our time at the exciting frontiers of macromolecular chemistry by learning about the sequence-defined, self-healing, and even self-immolative polymers!

In our quest, we remain true to our inner chemists, paying a special tribute to the synthesis and the chemistry of materials. Unified by this vision, we will cover both synthetic and bio- polymers and discuss topics with both scientific and industrial significance.